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Roots and Wings


My first meetings with ceramics happened at the beginning of the 90’s. As a beginner I dedicated myself entirely to working on the wheel and in the meantime I took a great interest in traditional Hungarian art. At the same time I wanted to get familiar with most of the professional fields in ceramics. I have always been attracted to the traditional patterns and not only those that have been used in potter’s craft. I especially like the motives that can be found on painted and carved objects.

I studied under Gyôzô Takács and Orsolya Sturm who are industrial designers and later from Magdolna Rédly, who is a ceramist.

I graduated from Dániel Berzsenyi College, Szombathely, as a teacher in adult education.

For a few years I have started to deepen my knowledge in painting therapy, so that works of ceramic increasingly became hobbies.




Group Exhibitions

2000: ’The masterpieces of handicraft at the Millenium’, Museum of Applied Arts and Vigadó Gallery, Budapest

2001: ’Handicraft at the Millenium’, Museum of Applied Arts, Budapest

2006: ’Hungarian handicraft 2006’, Museum of Hungarian Agriculture, Budapest

2006: ’13th Crib of Bethlehem’, Museum of Hungarian Agriculture, Budapest

2007: ’Grapes and wine through the eye of a craftsman’, Museum of Hungarian Agriculture, Budapest

2007: ’Raku exhibition’, Anna Lesznai Library, Kács

2008: ’Hungarian handicraft 2008’, Museum of Hungarian Agriculture, Budapest

2008: ’Ground-Metal-Light’, Csodamalom Puppet Theatre, Miskolc

2010: ’The works of ceramists of Mór’, Lamberg Castle, Mór

2015. 'Dreams'  Project and Exhibition in the memory of Zsuzsa Kustár, Nagykanizsa

2015. V. Badár Balázs National Potter Project and Exhibition, Arts and Crafts category, Mezôtúr


Individual Exhibitions

2007: ’Ceramics exhibition’, Napsugár Kindergarten, Mór

2008: ’Our days’, Monostor Castle, Komárom

2008: ’My flower, my flower’, OPS Cultural Centre, Mezôberény

2009: ’And I settle as a tulip’, Túri Handicraft Museum, Mezôtúr

2009: ’Let it be as it used to be’, Vörösmarty Company, Székesfehérvár




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